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Couples and Relationship Therapist

Guidance. Healing. Growth.


Relationships are at the core of our emotional and physical well-being, but they are often complex. While they bring moments of profound joy and happiness, they also bring moments of confusion and distress.


Feeling distant from the people we love most is painful and frightening, yet we can be reluctant to seek help. We may see it as a sign of failure - that our love should be enough to carry us through. We may fear uncomfortable conversations with our partner or loved one. We may have lost faith in the other person and don't believe anything will help.

But when relationships begin to break down or hit an obstacle and we try to manage alone, we can develop patterns of conflict and behaviour that are hard to get out of. Trying to navigate relationship struggles without support can feel exhausting and overwhelming.


Based in Droitwich and Leamington Spa, my mission is to create a safe and neutral space for positive, productive, and healthy communication, where all parties can feel heard and understood and where your hopes and goals can be achieved. 

Couples Counselling Droitwich



Counselling is available in-person (Droitwich and Leamington Spa), online, or in combination.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of my services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Couples & Relationship Counselling   

Who's it for? Any relationship where communication and understanding has broken down, leaving you unsure of how to move forward.

How can I help? I offer support and guidance in areas such as: communication issues; managing conflict; setting boundaries; working through betrayal and infidelity; navigating challenging life stages and changes; coping with illness and grief; addressing sex and intimacy issues. We will develop tools and strategies to address your individual goals and needs.

1 hour 


Separation & Divorce Counselling 

Who's it for? Couples who have decided to end their relationship and would like support to maintain an amicable separation or divorce.


How can I help? This is a fixed, six-session programme designed to support you through the challenges and complexities of the separation process. I offer a neutral, balanced space to address core issues such as: managing emotions and conflict, financial decisions, practical arrangements, supporting your children, and setting healthy boundaries.  

6 x 1 hour


Single Session Counselling 

Who's it for? Anyone who would prefer a one-off session to address a specific goal or concern and would appreciate a more intensive, directive approach which can offer some immediate relief. 


How can I help? This therapy is designed to support those who know the issue they would like to address and need some immediate solutions. Time and resources are not always on our side, but single session therapy allows for a focused intervention that can release some of the tension and anxiety, allowing you to make better progress on your own.  

2 hours


Couples MOT

Who's it for? Couples who would like to support and maintain a healthy relationship by preventing problems from escalating and seeking new strategies to support future goals.


How can I help? Prevention is always better than cure. This fixed four-week programme is designed to reflect on what works well in the relationship and develop strategies to maintain effective communication and connection moving forward, especially when significant life changes are on the horizon, such as parenthood, marriage, or retirement. 

4 x 1 hour


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“The change has been huge. I felt relief and hope from the first session and that continues to build. Of course we have our moments, but we know how to deal with them.”

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